Would you like to appear on the world's leading podcasts & monetize your visibility every time you appear... 
It's time to SWITCH YOUR FOCUS from Craft to Monetization.
You have the potential of earning thousands in every appearance you make on a podcast, radio show, TV show and even Facebook live. Sit back and literally watch your phone notify you of all the sales!!!
the reality is... you are different... very few of us are crazy enough to make a decision to design a life instead of make a living...
That's the reason why I created this mastermind.  It's a membership where listening replaces criticism and criticism becomes a method of improvement while shortening the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.
  •  TOGETHER WE WILL LEARN to create a strategy to share your message on podcasts so that you can attract the right clientele. 
  •  BENEFITS OF BUILDING A PODCAST will provide a method in sharing your message.   anytime you can get access to or start to finish podcast building strategies.
  • YOU WILL GAIN EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to my private list of 1,000 podcasts with full contact and customized emails.  Within minutes you will have interview requests sent out to TOP LEVEL Podcasters with thousands of listeners. 
  •  SEARCHABLE BY CATEGORY - You can quickly narrow your search to reach out to podcasters that have the reach in your specific markets, saving you many hours of organization.
  •  HERE IS YOUR CHANCE - To build a mass movement of people whose lives you can affect.... 
  •  PRACTICE YOUR MESSAGE - Guesting on podcasts provides you a chance to rehearse your message over and over again in a real time setting to help you gain comfort in sharing your message.
  •  PODCASTERS LOOKING FOR GUESTS - Save yourself days of decision making finding credited guests for your podcast. Over 300 of these influencers have personally appeared on my podcast. This carefully crafted list of over 600 coaches, speakers, business owners and creative industry changing entrepreneurs are ready to share their strategies and inspirational stories on podcasts worldwide.
  •  BUILD YOUR DREAM 100 - Everyone who has created a large following invests heavily in building a dream 100. This is a trusted list of individuals you can count on for knowledge and referring business.
clear on message
  • TOGETHER WE STRENGTHEN the relationship between your purpose and your business that will give you continuous passion throughout the lifetime of your business.
  •  TOGETHER WE WILL build your opportunity using our proven methods that delivers incredible clarity that will help your relationship to your clients, saving you from lack of clarification that leads to a loss of sales.
  •  TOGETHER WE WILL CREATE a rock solid 30 second pitch that will quickly allow you to share what you do to anyone who asks with no stumbles or pauses instead of with certainty that will help you be confident every time you sell.
  • BUILD THE PERFECT ONE-SHEET - We have created the best one sheet and a delivery method never before seen. 
  •  BUILD THE PERFECT SALES FUNNEL - As a Professional Funnel builder I have crafted the best funnel for turning your influence into profits.
  •  ACCESS TO CONTENT - We have a massive collection of content headlines, sub headlines and content created for different niche markets. 
  •  BOOKING CONCIERGE - We also have a podcast booking concierge service so that you can focus on performing not scheduling. 
Interview training
  • PRACTICE INTERVIEWS - Members of our mastermind are always looking to practice leveling up their interview structure. Match up with others so that you may feel more confident with the interviewing process.
  •  LEARN QUESTION ANSWERING STRATEGIES that turn less effective answers into stories and sales.  This way each time you talk you're adding value to your bottom line. 
say the right things and have the right funnel in place  and you too can monetize on podcasts
"I generated over $25,000 in direct sales for being on The FIVE Minute Bark in less than 8 months. The reason I waited this long to make this testimonial is because I am curious as to how they engage with the facts of purchase.  Dennis has been fantastic .... It's also the sales, that I contribute to being featured next to icons like Russell Brunson that further help me build influence." 

Cody Butler Australia / Sales Marketing Expert
As of Right Now You Can Join My Mastermind For Only  $397/Mo 
so that... ASPIRATIONAL and outcome driven!
We have done three price hikes since the launch of our program.  As more members join and get results, the value and price rises.  Influence Right?  building influence = high value.  Join today to start seeing the same results for yourself.    
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Dennis has a knack for creating life altering experiences that elevate human beings to new heights.
A relentless go getter who sees things differently, adding insightful perspectives many never thought exists.  Dennis is passionate about helping people work up the ladder of success to experience life the way it was meant to be.
Dennis Has Expertise in these areas:
1. Helping podcast guests improve their message. 
2. Building podcasts from the ground up
3. Master of building the sales funnel process. 
FREE one-on-one calls
 LIMITED SPOTS DAILY Dennis sets aside time each day to answer any questions related to this awesome mastermind.
If the clock is still ticking you still have time today to schedule your FREE 30 Minute Session.
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The End Goal is Speaking From Stages Earning Six Figures in a day. You hear about it, it's all possible... 
I can see my self on stage can you? It all starts with guesting on podcasts and soon you'll have your own podcasts creating a tribe.  Ultimately you'll find yourself being ask to share your knowledge and sell your products and services.  I can promise you, there is nothing like walking off a stage and seeing a swarm of people heading your way wanting more...
If you are not satisfied for any reason after 90 days we'll return your money.  No questions asked...
Take 90 days to examine and utilized our strategies within this POWERFUL MASTERMIND.

That's right: You have 90 days full days to put this Mastermind & tools & education to work.  Enjoying higher conversions podcasting, guesting & building funnels

Test the results for yourself... Try as many of the valuable tips our team shares as you like. Once you've used these strategies, I'm confident you'll NEVER want a refund!

But, if you aren't satisfied for any reason, or it doesn't live up to your expectations, you won't be out one red cent. Just send us an email requesting a refund and we'll refund your entire payment.
Right up to the final day of this 90 day guarantee!!!
AFTER COMPLETING THIS ORDER FORM BELOW...  You will be  granted access immediately to the platform to create your account and set up a time to begin CHANGING your results with podcast interviews.  Trust me... Results and a boat-load of excitement is coming your way.
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THIS OFFER AT REGULAR PRICE IS $2,997 and you will see when your inbox begins to fill with opportunities that were not there before.
Jairek Robbins Trailer is just of  the many incredible guests you will be alongside. Take a look at this video because you will be next.
Here is one of our guests, You may know his dad...
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