If you have already tried Facebook ads, sales funnels and spending countless hours with little or no returns...... I studied their entire process, what they said, what they did before and after... It's no accident that some had great success and others failed at monetizing their appearances on podcasts
If you are an entrepreneur or even author or speaker, coach then you already have some experience of getting people to hear your message. The advertisement costs become higher and higher. Facebook changed it's algorithm recently and made it even harder to use its organic to spread your message among followers spending money on it. 

Competing is sky rocketing and every year it becomes harder and harder to get to the stage. Also, more and more experts know the same strategies.

Today I would like to give you an alternative that few of the people know.

Of course you've heard about podcasts and maybe you even tried to make your own.

But only few people really know the strategies that can make you famous almost instantly. And make 20, 30, 50 thousand of people know you and hear your message in a matter of months If just appearing on podcast was to get you rich, then yes everyone would be doing it, but it's the process that separates the ones making big profits from the ones just appearing. 

I said 50,000 people... Yes. You've got it right.

About 50,000 people may hear your message next few months and I can help you make it happen. 

Does this sounds too good to be true? I know how it sounds. And wouldn't dare to offer you this with my reputation at stake. I have been in podcast the business for a long time, only 20% of the podcasts survive past 20 episodes, I have released over 300 and have 70 lined up for my show alone. 

So everything I am about to share with you, my team and I have done dozens of times. So you won't be my first client. 

I should warn you it won't work for everybody

That's why before we start working, we will need to have a 20 minute call. So I can know more about you and your business and then tell you if I can really help you.

You won't feel any pressure and I'm not going to use any NLP on you. You'll just tell me about yourself, your business. And then I'll tell you if it's going to work and how we can position you. Then I'll just answer your questions. 

What you should expect when we start working?

When we decide to work together... The first thing we are going to do is 2 hours QuickStart session. 

During this session I'm going to...
During this strategy sessions with Dennis and our team we will work closely in a one to one Skype call with you to help you get clear on "YOUR" message. We love this because so many of our clients have such a ah ha moment in this time together. It's painless and often results in earned confidence! You can also benefit at a network meeting or even speaking on stage.
Value#2 Now that we are clear on message 
Our next meeting is with our copy writing expert for up to 2 hours where we take your message and create what we call a podcast funnel page. This allows us to incorporate you message into collateral that allow within our platform. This collatoral is designed to give you the BEST chance to convert prospects into sales.
Value#3 Create Your Personal Video Trailer
Next is we together will make video that to use as a trailer to provide the podcasts we create relationships in glimpse into who you really are. Dennis will use his professional interview strategies to get you in the zone, speaking at your best and on message. I have a great track record at bring the best out in guest on my show and I am excited to do it for you as well.
Value#4 Personal Testimonial
It's only fitting that after we have worked together and change is happening that I provide you a testimonial. This testimonial will be in video format and professionally produced and branded. You can never have enough testimonials they play a big role in winning confidence. From a podcaster to podcaster stand point of getting you on more shows this is a win win.
 Value#5 Customized One Sheet 
It's time to put all of this together in what we call a one-sheet. It's a page we present to podcasts that has important information such as credentials, accomplishments, how you can entertain or educate their audiesn and much more. It's a custom designed quick look at your life.
Value#6 We Will Booked On 10 Podcasts
You are Ready to rock the mic and WIN in every aspect of the podcast experience. Clear on message. Collateral all dialed in. Ready. Set. Go... It's show time.. Our team will begin to create relationships that lead to you being a guest featured on 10 podcasts. We will concentrate on podcasts that will best serve you in providing niche market prospects and be brand worthy exposure. We also include other criteria in choosing podcasts we think will provide you with the best road to visibility and profits. 

Added bonus to all of this is once you appear on 10 podcasts you will get at least 3 likely 5 SEO Backlinks to your website... That is a grand total of 30 plus high profile backlinks to your website.
Value#7 Get Thousands Of Downloads On All Ten Appearances Guaranteed
YES!! We will invest & market your podcast appearances on Facebook, Youtube, Instagam, and email lists along with our marketing patrners to get you thousands of downloads for your episodes. Providing this promise to our podcast partners will land you on bigger and better shows... Guaranteed!

For 5 days after the podcast is launched we will be marketing "you" It's common for that podcast host to see their podcast move up the charts in iTunes, Spotify and Google play. Turning you into a favorite guest!

Value#8 Get Access To 1,000 Podcasts In Our Private Directory
 YES!!! now that you have been on 10 podcasts, I feel very comfortable that you will have no problem getting on more. We will give you access to our private podcast directory we have spent years developing. You can use this to get booked on many more... Unless you want to extend our contract otherwise you will have all the tools and resources to have great success in being on many more podcasts.
Value#9 Build Your Own Personalized Podcast LibraryValue#9
Build Your Own Personalized Podcast Library Things are moving along and most people loose track of how many podcast they appear on... So we created a custom podcast library where we will add all the podcasts you appear on and as that list grows they all automatically appear on all your media collateral. Our clients LOVE it. This library is sharable!! you can text it, email it or even add it to your website. As a bonus.. We have a Youtube Library where we will add your trailer and testimonial too.
in less than four hours we will have you ready to rock podcasts with a strategy never seen before.
I have interviewed over 300 influencers world wide. I studied their entire process, what they said, what they did before and after.. It' no accident that some had great success and others failed and monetizing their appearances on podcasts.
Take a look below, I just completed a power packed offer that I believe nobody has ever offered before.. It hits the mark on all the key elements to get you where you want to go faster and position yourself to monetize... Read on…
This offer is Limited .. Take Advantage..  While It's Still Available at This Price
"5" Spots Available
Value#1 Get 2 Strategy sessions with Dennis Langlais
Get 2 Strategy sessions with Dennis pro athlete and Icons in the podcaster of the FIVE Minute Bark Podcast who will work closely in a one to one Skype call with you to help you get clear on message, and walk you through all the benefitst listed below. Gain confidence and land podcasts with a converting strategy in place.
Value $997
Value#2 Strategy Session with our Copy Writing Expert
You will get a 2 hour strategy session with expert copy writer.  In this session we will create a sales funnel page within our platform. This collatoral is designed to give you the BEST chance to convert prospects into sales.
Value $1,500
Value#3 Create your personal video trailer 
We will create your own personal video trailer of you that is formulated from a set of strategic questions that produce one-of-a-kind video you can use so that when we pitch you our prospective podcasts can instantly get a feel fo r what to expect.  This video is a great for creating higher visibily on your website and social media.
Value $997
Value#4 personal Testimonial
You will get a personal video testimonial from Dennis Langlais.  Once we have completed our strategy sessions. I will feel very confident av about providing you a testimonial. There is nothing better than testimonials to help you grow your business. This testimonial includes editing and production costs. 
Value $497
 Value#5 customized One Sheet 
We will Create a customized one sheet, media sheet so that you can begin landing appearances faster and on high profile shows. 

We guarantee this will be among the most thorough one sheets any podcast host will ever come across.  See sample on the right by clicking the image.
Value $1,597
Click image for full size
Value#6  We will booked on 10 Podcasts
Our team will work hard to get you featured on 10 podcasts. We have created a number of great relationships and a strategy that works in favor of all the podcasts you appear on.. A guest from us is not jsut another guest...  We will introduce you to niche market podcasts to share your story, products and services. You will get at least 3 to 5 SEO Backlinks, a stage to practice crafting your message all at the same time generating sales for your business. You can not find any other way market your product or service that is FREE and works.  Value $2,900
Value#7 Get thousands of downloads on all ten appearances Guaranteed
YES!! We will invest & market your podcast appearances on Facebook, Youtube, Instagam, and email lists along with our marketing patrners to get you thousands of downloads. Providing this promise to our podcast parteners will land you on bigger and better shows... 

For 5 days after the podcast is launched we will be marketing "you" It's common for that podcast host to see their podcast move up the charts in iTunes, Spotify and Google play.  Turning you into a favorite guest! 
Value $1,700
Is This incredible !!! Trust me this offer was not created overnight
Keep Reading......
Value#8 Get access to 1,000 podcasts in our private directory
YES!!! Get FULL Access to over 1,000 podcasts with FULL contact info including email addresses, facebook profile, along with our formulated 5 step process to create relationships with these podcast to rack up appearances. This is one of the most complete directories available anywhere and it's being update constantly. 
Value $ 2,997
Value#9 Build your Own Personalized podcast Library
We have created tools build your own personal podcast library. Either you can contact us or do it your self. Everytime you appear on a podcast and its released we will add them to your library. This library is sharable!! you can text it... and share it on most websites that allow iframes. or popups.  Click here to see my personal library. Also you can add Youtube videos as well. Value $ 997
Total Value of $14,182.00 and Today We Have an Limited Time Offer ...
Where else can you get access to a world travel pro athlete, business owner, icon podcaster willing to spend time with you crafting your message...
building sales funnels. Recording videos, giving you access to his private list of over 1,000 podcasts, and 500 personal contacts for under $14,182.00 ??? And after all that get you your first interview and if we can cannot find you an interview within 2 weeks will get you front of the line privileges on the FIVE Minute Bark Podcast where we have a wait list of over 58 influencers. 

My Name is Dennis Langlais and I am the host of an "ICONIC" Podcast The FIVE Minute Bark. I have interviewed many high profile professionals like Russell Brunson, (Clickfunnels), Jairek Robbins (Tony Robbins son), Caleb Maddix, Alex Charfen, Steven Weatherford (NY Giants) and many more.

I have personally been a guest on shows like  Grant Cardone's "ASK THE PRO", Funnel Hacking Radio,  People ask me "How do you do it... How did do you find these high profile guests and how in the world did you get in a position Where grant asked you to appear on his show??
This offer is available today for ONLY $3,497  
that includes all of our marketing costs...
We are Increasing this Investment to $5,900 when the 5 spots are filled.
We offer a variety of payment options
Option #1 -  1  payment  of  $3,497
Option #2 - 3 payments of  $1,165
Option #3 - 6 payments of  $587
Option #4 - 12 payments of  $291 
Immediately after payment You will schedule your session  
$3,497 1 Payment
$1,165 / 3 Payments
$587 / 6 Payments
$291 / 12 Payments
Dynamically Updated
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Dennis has a knack for creating life altering experiences that elevate human beings to new heights.
"I generated over $25,000 in direct sales for being on The FIVE Minute Bark in less than 8 months. The reason I waited this long to make this testimonial is because I am curious as to how they engage with the facts of purchase.  Dennis has been fantastic .... It's also the sales, that I contribute to being featured next to icons like Russell Brunson that further help me build influence." 

Cody Butler Australia / Sales Marketing Expert
say the right things and have the right funnel in place  and you too can monetize your message
 LIMITED AVAILABLILITY Dennis sets aside time each day to answer any questions related to this offer click the button to the right and we will contact you right away.
A relentless go getter who sees things differently, adding insightful perspectives many never thought exists.  Dennis is passionate about helping people work up the ladder of success to experience life the way it was meant to be.
Dennis Has Expertise in these areas:
1. Helping podcast guests improve their message. 
2. Building podcasts from the ground up
3. Master of building the sales funnel process. 
If you are not satisfied for any reason after 90 days we'll return your money.  No questions asked...
Take 90 days to examine and utilized our strategies within this POWERFUL MASTERMIND.

That's right: You have 90 days full days to put this Mastermind & tools & education to work.  Enjoying higher conversions podcasting, guesting & building funnels

Test the results for yourself... Try as many of the valuable tips our team shares as you like. Once you've used these strategies, I'm confident you'll NEVER want a refund!

But, if you aren't satisfied for any reason, or it doesn't live up to your expectations, you won't be out one red cent. Just send us an email requesting a refund and we'll refund your entire payment.
Right up to the final day of this 90 day guarantee!!!
AFTER COMPLETING THIS ORDER FORM BELOW...  You will be  granted access immediately to the platform to create your account and set up a time to begin CHANGING your results with podcast interviews.  Trust me... Results and a boat-load of excitement is coming your way.
$3,497 1 Payment
$1,165 / 3 Payments
$587 / 6 Payments
$291 / 12 Payments
Dynamically Updated
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This Offer Will Expire!
THIS OFFER AT REGULAR PRICE IS $2,997 and you will see when your inbox begins to fill with opportunities that were not there before.
Jairek Robbins Trailer is just of  the many incredible guests you will be alongside. Take a look at this video because you will be next.
Here is one of our guests, You may know his dad...
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